General Discussions > Topic Details. However, some of them requires you to progress first in the story before you can access them. Rescue Hakan. You'll need to find Condor Feathers, High Dive locations, grapple quipus, skeleton bones and frog totems Shadow of the Tomb Raider has 15 challenges and is required for 100%. Hidden City – Dunkin’ Bones Challenge. This part of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough is devoted to the Dunkin’ Bones Challenge which involves dropping 3 skeletons of their stakes into the river. Located in the Frozen North part of the map, near The Temple of Frost. Hidden Riches Find all Ascendant chests when the curse on the Dreaming City is at its weakest. Then jump straight up again to grab the overhanging ledge. Retrieve the Savior's Amulet. Vault 76 is located to the western side of the state and was designed to open in … A perfect location for having numerous secrets. Swan Dive N°1. 2/4 - In the north west corner of the area with the abandoned huts, there is a wall you can scramble up. Keep climbing as you talk. Per page: 15 30 50. Retrieve the King's Horn. This screenshot was taken after diving and climbing out of the water. document.write(''+postemail8809+'') Dunkin Bones / Challenge Guide [collapse] 15. You may need to adjust Lara's height and angle slightly in order to hit the skeleton. Retrieve the Savior's Amulet. X. This page lists the locations in Sea of Thieves. for (i=0;i