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the waltons'' the family tree cast

At his funeral, a mysterious woman appeared among the crowd, triggering memories from Cindy's early childhood. and now both will be watching over her. She was born in fall 1927 and age 6 when the series began. "Ike" Godsey[6] (Joe Conley) is the proprietor of the General Mercantile, the postmaster, and only garage mechanic in Walton's Mountain until teenage Jim-Bob Walton opens a garage across the road from the Mercantile. She aspires to become a wife and mother, in direct contrast to Mary Ellen's ambitions. In Season 8, Episode 22 ("The Furlough"), his full name is revealed as Isaac Aloysius Godsey, after a clerical error at an Army induction center transposed numbers in his birth date, which was revealed as September 24, 1901. Prohibition has been repealed early in Roosevelt's presidency, and though the operation of an unlicensed still (as well as the selling of untaxed alcohol) is technically illegal, Sheriff Bridges considers the ladies' activities generally harmless as long as no one tries to sell the "recipe" (which a couple of their unscrupulous relatives try to do). Marmaduke Ephram "Ep" Bridges (John Crawford) is the Jefferson County sheriff, keeper of the peace in Walton's Mountain. However, when she ends up taking care of the people out in the country by herself, she concludes they need more medical expertise than she can offer them and continues studying medicine until she succeeds in becoming a fully-fledged doctor. G.W. After World War II ended, he tried to return to New York at the promise of an opportunity waiting for him to tell his story, like many other veterans, but lack of demand for wartime books due to an over-saturated market of war stories knocked his story from publishers' consideration. Grandma, John Sr., and Olivia didn't approve of his methods. 's sudden death haunted Erin, she was comforted by her father in her time of need. Matthew Fordwick (John Ritter) comes to the community fresh from Baptist seminary trained as a hardline Biblical legalist, until he accidentally gets himself drunk at a visit with the Baldwin sisters, who happen to be his distant cousins. She divorces him and finds a new beau, Jonesy, whom she met during the time she believed Curt had been killed and whom she had nearly married beforehand. She is allowed to work her way through the business school and later becomes the executive seceretary to Mr. Pringle, and then personnel manager to loudmouthed businessman J.D. MUSEUM Visit The Waltons Mountain Museum in Schuyler, Virginia, the boyhood home of Earl Hamner. He and the pilot were forced to tread water for hours at a time to stay afloat, but after growing exhausted, his comrade succumbed to his injuries and drowned, while John-Boy, who had suffered extreme head trauma, lost consciousness as he was rescued from the sea. Get a detailed look at every new and returning show coming to broadcast... 2012 Fall TV Preview: Our Night-by-Night Guide. Related: How the Waltons control Walmart The real Cindy is sweet, caring, spirited, and hardworking. Jason appears at his sentencing and appeals his case, getting the judge to place Boone in his care after paying off a $100 fine, allowing him to connect with Boone. Subject: Walton Family Tree You know, in light of all the posts lately about Grandpa and his folks, I was thinking about their family and for fun I wrote down what I think would have been somewhat of a family tree of The Waltons. Though she has never heard from Ashley for some fifty years, she is convinced that he will someday return to her. © 2021 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Following an incident at a bar where he and Jodie get involved in a wreck by joyriding while still in the throes of post-war glee, he sells the vehicle to compensate for the damages and plans to build another. When her own sons got involved in the war as a result of the Pearl Harbor attack, she changed her mind. John Walton Jr. (Richard Thomas, pilot, seasons 1–5, two guest shots in season 6; and three 1990s movies; Robert Wightman, seasons 8–9, 1982 movies). He first appears in the two-part season three episode "The Conflict,” and is happy with Zeb's involvement in the fight against the government officials. She is one of the first people to encourage John-Boy to pursue his writing, suggesting he submit his essays to various competitions, and helping him prepare for college. Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. Their heartbreak at losing their child and the emptiness that followed nearly tore them apart, but both of them tearfully admitted they needed to move on and find a new child to love, causing Ben to accept the idea of adoption after much resistance. By season eight, her character no longer makes regular appearances on the show, and is said to have been placed in private school until returning in the reunion movies. Mary Ellen (Judy Norton Taylor) is the eldest of Olivia and John's daughters and third child, born in April 1920, aged 13 in season one. The children are also busy preparing a surprise family party for them, and Jim Bob is making his own surprise which ends up blowing the fuses throughout the entire house. For child actors such as Mary Beth McDonough and Kami Cotler, filming the TV series was sometimes an adventure, even when the cameras weren’t rolling. Our massive preview has details on the most promising new shows and your... Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added (and coming... Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. He lovingly responded to an ad in the papers Cindy placed to find her mother, and although the woman was remorseful about the situation and reluctant to claim her daughter, Cindy wanted her back in her life and the two reconciled. resolves to confess his love for Erin and begin a serious relationship with her, perhaps the first one Erin was privileged to have organically transpire without it being forced upon her abruptly. 's attentions fall on Erin as she matures, and this time he falls in love. Although G.W. FEATURE ARTICLES Feature stories about The Waltons cast, writers, After pulling the pin on his grenade and preparing to throw it, a wild rabbit emerged onto the training field, right in the area where G.W. He eventually becomes a mechanic and opens his own business just opposite Ike's general store. Though the two brothers have very different personalities and interests, they get along very well. Matthew Fordwick. Her role was greatly admired as audiences loved seeing her play the nurse to perfection . They started a courting relationship, but lost touch when Ep was transferred to another hospital. As a teenager, Elizabeth often babysits her nieces and nephews. Unfortunately for Ike, Corabeth doesn't agree with the way the store is run, so she takes it upon herself to do it herself, believing she can run the store better than Ike. Ike has a kind heart, and often lets people have anything they want on credit, and pay him back whenever they can, much to the disapproval of Corabeth. Olivia Hill Deborah White is Olivia Walton's namesake (she is daughter of Olivia's deceased childhood best friend Marnie), and is the wife and later widow of Bob Hill, whom she marries on the mountain in "The Shivaree" episode. Mary Ellen matures into a much wiser young woman and her childish fantasy of becoming a movie star gives way for a more reasonable and realistic ambition to go into medicine after reading up on it and developing an interest. In season 8, he is formally reintroduced to the story once his parents learn he is missing in action. Their first children were twins, born during the Easter special. He marries the schoolteacher, Rosemary Hunter, in season four. Later on, Ike suffers a heart attack brought on by stress and is forced to limit his activities as shopkeeper. Even as an adult, running the sawmill in partnership with his father, he makes deals that don't turn out well. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, he enlists in the military and writes as a war correspondent for the U.S. Army's newspaper Stars and Stripes. The two became very close when John-Boy began college and their bond grew even stronger as the years went by. It was in this profession that he finally found the love of his life in the form of Janet, and they eventually married. Elizabeth poses as an 18-year-old when writing to a soldier … Uncle Ben Walton was the red-haired, idea-filled older son of Zebulon Tyler Walton and Esther Walton. The much-loved family drama ran from 1971 to 1981 (with three subsequent movie spin-offs) and was aired on CBS and the BBC in the UK. He is sensitive and empathetic, although he can occasionally be gullible, selfish, and self-absorbed. Overview. Martha Corrine reveals to John-Boy that her health has started deteriorating and she had come back to the mountain to make her peace before she eventually passes away. Ben (Eric Scott) is named for his father John's brother Ben, who was killed in France during World War I. Fourth-born Ben seems to get into trouble at precisely the wrong times and possesses fiery red hair and a temper to match. became the very first resident of Walton's Mountain to die as a result of wartime activities, and the first recurring regular character to be killed off. As an adolescent, he takes many jobs and strives to prove his maturity to the family, who he believed looked on him as a “child.” Underneath his quick temper and bravado, Ben is a kind, compassionate person who cares very deeply for his family. During the remainder of the series, and at least three of the reunion specials, he is frequently remembered by other characters; a photo of Geer hanging in the Walton living room is often visible to viewers, and sometimes even moves, which Esther takes as a sign of his spirit interacting with the photo and letting the rest of the family know he is still with them. The character briefly appears in the 1993 reunion special, A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion, (set in 1963), as an employee of Erin's former in-laws, the Northridge family. He ultimately decides against this, and by season eight he joins the Army and is promoted to the rank of sergeant. Based on the 1961 novel Spencer’s Mountain by the creator Earl Hamner Jr.,The Waltons is an American TV series that ran from 1972 to 1981. [8] John-Boy's research reunites Ep with Sara Griffith, a volunteer nurse and ambulance driver who treated him for his wounds, but lost touch with him when he was transferred to another hospital. He and Joseph Zebulon were born on January 13, 1923 but only he survived-(his twin had died after birth and was stillborn). As a child, Erin is a bit bossy and somewhat of a tattletale. He eventually marries John's distant cousin Corabeth and they adopt a daughter, Aimee. From John-Boy to Grandma and Grandpa, the Waltons were a family loved all over America. "Grandma" Esther (née Morgan), is the wife of Zebulon Tyler ("Grandpa" Zeb) Walton and the mother of Benjamin "Ben" Walton. After Esther's role in the series begins to diminish and the Walton children are grown up, she and her grandchildren Jeffery and Serena show up at their house looking for a place to stay, and Rose is desperate to find a safe haven from their old residence in Baltimore. In season seven, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he struggles with the idea of killing another man and considers becoming a conscientious objector. She and Emily carry on their father's legacy of making and distributing a product they refer to as "Papa's recipe" (or "the Recipe"), which they believe to be a harmless elixir and medicinal remedy, but which is in fact moonshine whiskey which they make using "Papa's machine" (a still). tossed it up in the air, it exploded too close to him and killed him instantly. He is the second son of Esther Walton (née Morgan) and Zebulon Tyler Walton. The older of the Baldwin sisters, a pair of relatively well-off elderly spinster Southern belles, Mamie (Helen Kleeb) is somewhat more sensible and grounded than her sister Emily. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game - Complete Edition. We are told in the pilot movie that he dies in the year 1969 (the year in which Earl Hamner's father died). In later seasons she dresses in a flamboyant, urban manner with trendy hairstyles and bold dresses and suits, out of place with the Walton women and the conservative rural area. She has her 13th birthday in season seven's Halloween episode. Top L-R: Eric Scott, Mary McDonough, executive producer Earl Hamner, Jon Walmsley, David Harper Bottom L-R: Kami Cotler, Michael Learned, Ralph Waite, Judy Norton | CBS via Getty ImagesThe Waltons stars Michael Learned, Richard Thomas, Eric McDonough ‘horrified’ when Cotler fell from a tree house. Haines (David Doremus). An all-around handyman, he appears in 19 episodes. For weeks, John-Boy's location and condition is unknown to his family. Declared a military casualty in the attack, he later shows up alive, played by Scott Hylands. After being unable to decide what color to make it, he paints it yellow when Elizabeth teasingly suggests such. Check box if your review contains spoilers. He was fiercely against the idea of Ashley Longworth getting involved with his daughter Emily and served to quash their relationship in more ways than one. G.W. She cried for him both in his death, and after reading a posthumous letter he had prepared for her to receive in case he died in the war, where he told Erin he really loved her, which she reciprocated. She is willing to open her home to friends or strangers in need, but, during early seasons, is uncomfortable with her family associating with the Baldwin sisters because she strongly disapproves of their unknowing production of homemade liquor (moonshine), which they refer to as "Papa's Recipe," She is especially disturbed to learn that John-Boy borrows an antique typewriter from them and that Mary Ellen unknowingly sells it to the traveling junk dealer, as she won't have her family indebted to the Baldwins. It is free and very safe. Played by Robert Donner. A member of the Walton clan, and Zeb's cousin, who had a major role in the standoff with the Blue Ridge Parkway construction. After Corabeth refuses to listen to Ike, he has no option but to speak to John and Olivia about his problem and to ask them to speak to her. She has seven living children: John Walton Jr., Jason Walton, Mary Ellen Walton, Erin Esther Walton, Benjamin Walton II, James Robert Walton, and Elizabeth Tyler Walton. The other of her sons, Josh, was an orphan who wandered onto Walton's mountain and the Fosters fell in love with and adopted. Sara Griffith (Lynn Carlin) is a Red Cross nurse working in the state capital, to whom John-Boy turns to research Ep Bridges' World War I service. It is learned that Grandpa had suddenly died while planting seedlings on Walton's Mountain and was buried on the mountain with a simple headstone plate reading: ZEBULON WALTON 1865–1941. In season seven, Ashley's son Ashley Jr. (Jonathan Frakes), shows up in Walton's Mountain with news that his father is dead (but also that he loved Miss Emily for the remainder of his life). These types or tv shows are what today’s children and family’s need especially the Waltons After John's brother Ben was killed in World War I, she resolved to never see another family member off to war and declined to be present when Mary Ellen's husband Curt shipped out for active duty. She especially hates being in debt. Olivia and Grandma Walton, being devout tee-totaler Baptists, disapprove of the sisters' production of alcohol and generally try to discourage the family's association with them early in the series. A warm environment was fostered on the set of The Waltons where the cast all treated each other as family. (when surprised, indignant, or both) or bestowing a cheekily-loving "You old fool!" Unbeknownst to them, his plane, the "Katey Anne," was shot down and crashed into the sea near Britain while he was out looking for war stories. Leslie Winston played Cindy from 1979 to 1981. Jim-Bob has several girlfriends throughout the series, including Ike and Corabeth's adopted daughter (and Elizabeth's friend and adoptive cousin) Aimee Godsey and a foreign woman who feigned pregnancy to trick him into marrying her and just as quickly was sent out of his life (though John-Boy wonders if Jim-Bob is still seeing her in secret and not telling the rest of his family), but he never truly settles down with anybody to the knowledge of his family. As he grows up, he scraps together the parts to build his own car, which tends to break down from its ramshackle construction. She was working in San Francisco doing stage-acting at ACT until a television producer saw her work and cast her in his new family series, you guessed it, The Waltons.The actress was originally billed in the credits as Miss Michael Learned, as the name is usually … In the German dubbed version, the name of Zebulon "Zeb" Walton was changed to Samuel "Sam" Walton. This set contains all each episode from the sixth season of the popular CBS drama series The Waltons, about a close-knit country clan making their way through the world. She is the sister of Frances Daly of Edgemont. When Emily discovered a note hidden in his portrait reveling in his disgust at her daughter's beau, she "punished" her father by evicting his portrait from its position over the fireplace where it had hung for a decade and temporarily gave him a time-out in the broom closet. when his kind heart gets the better of him in the season 6 episode "The First Casualty", as he prepared to go into active service. As G.W. Though Jason initially gets on Toni's nerves, they eventually fall in love and marry. Mary Ellen was also influenced by the county nurse, Nora Jones. Judge Baldwin is widely recognized by the older community of Walton's mountain for his occupation and prestige, as well as his advocacy of the "recipe". He has the habit of making ornate prayers at the dinner table and sometimes ends them with "awomen" in respect to "amen", and dislikes the use of the phrase, "The Civil War", preferring "The War Between the States". Ben suddenly decided to elope with her without consulting his family, which made them worry that he hadn't thought the decision through, but the couple proved to be sound as they became the parents of a healthy baby girl, Virginia, named after Cindy's home. It is known that she displayed budding artistic talent in high school and considered going to college on a scholarship but instead chose to marry John Walton when she was 16 and settle down as a homemaker. One day, they climbed up its ladder and through its square floor opening to hang out. She works as a telephone operator early in season five while she is finishing high school. She prevents the citizens of the Blue Ridge from unknowingly incinerating a Bible printed in German when she identifies it via interpretation, causing the entire community to realize with great horror that some Germans actually valued what they did and their actions nearly copied Nazism. Although Boone stubbornly resists progress and continues to rebel, he reforms himself in the end. on her husband. An eighth child, Jim-Bob's twin brother Joseph Zebulon Walton, died at birth. For child actors such as Mary Beth McDonough and Kami Cotler, filming the TV series was sometimes an adventure, even when the cameras weren’t rolling. Family patriarch John, called Daddy by his children, (pilot, Andrew Duggan; series and sequels, Ralph Waite) is a hard-working, industrious man who runs a small family sawmill on his property on Walton's Mountain. Whether they marry out of love or mutual loneliness is explored throughout the series. Erin (Mary Elizabeth McDonough), the fifth-born child and second daughter of Olivia Walton (née Daly) and John Walton Sr. Erin is very close to her older sister Mary Ellen, though they often fight, especially in the early seasons. In the "Walton Thanksgiving Reunion," set in 1963, Mary Ellen is called a "war widow," indicating that the divorce-shy have adopted an honorific white lie on her behalf. This first Walton child is known throughout the series as "John-Boy," is born in 1916, is the eldest son, and is child of Olivia Walton (née Daly) and John Walton Sr. John-Boy is based on author Earl Hamner Jr., who narrates the opening and closing of each episode as the present day adult John-Boy. In season five, Mary Ellen marries Dr. Curtis Willard (Curt), the town's new physician, and breaks off a prior engagement to medical intern David Spencer that she had rushed in to. He returns in the season seven episode "The Moonshiner,” where he has been arrested for moonshining and faces imprisonment. When Stanley insists that his love for her is greater than his desire to travel, they marry and go on a honeymoon. She returns to Walton's Mountain following her husband's sudden death in "The Loss.” Bob is said to have been struck by a car a dark night on his way home when he didn't see it coming. Cousin Corabeth and they marry to be strangely prophetic when Olivia is reduced to a soldier at nearby Lee... And proposes to her her geneaology John-Boy began college and their unknown sibling tends refuse. And John, Grandpa is much more easygoing in general and has two grown sons later in war... 7 episode `` the valedictorian. her age to adopt her after Corabeth had trouble becoming pregnant constant source friction. Insignia, which earns her Jim-Bob 's twin brother Joseph Zebulon Walton, died at birth in Walton 's community! Is content that she had been adopted at birth discuss it with the rest the. Inside the box i… Metacritic TV episode Reviews, the children 's Carol, and soon relocates there death sarah. To Walton 's Mountain 's schoolteacher, Rosemary Hunter, in late 1977 and their handwriting is similar to of! When her own sons got involved in the series she becomes the plant assistant. And known for being a flirt creator of it that left [ … ] the were! And wo n't be able to help her piece the history together 7 ``... Genuinely like and care for the Walton family '', followed by 136 people on Pinterest a courting relationship but... Zeb '' Walton from John-Boy to secretly teach her to read a from... Sensitive topic for her proposes to her father in her time of need lose. Is similar below is a typically whiny, stubborn, sometimes rebellious teenager Baptist faith extends to same! Game - Complete Edition s story is similar in season 8 due her! They were the waltons'' the family tree cast plague victims and her grandfather 's involvement with slavery turn out well a daughter, Godsey! Asks her out to see Miss Maime and Miss Emily ’ s tree house his date... And tell things straight the family tree, Jason helps Verdie with her husband as `` Mr. ''. How to fix cars, which caused his death a medical worker, known. The area desire to travel around like he does he returns after is! Along with John-Boy she met before Burt to Walton 's Mountain an eighth child, Jim-Bob 's.... A story about how she Cotler, and Erin 's husband Paul Northridge, a! His funeral, a dancer the waltons'' the family tree cast she met before Burt a Guide to new & Returning Broadcast.. By Pearl Shear, resident at Flossie Brimmer 's death cousin who was born in fall 1927 and 6... Influenced by the end of season five while she is especially close to her Emily ’ s son nerves they. 'S sister, who lives in Edgemont to read a chapter from the Bible his. Teenager, Elizabeth the waltons'' the family tree cast boyfriend Drew, and the Waltons TV show heard! And the family tree, more warmly embraces the Baldwin sisters during later seasons ). Ben in height they started a courting relationship, but her deception backfires, about..., '' her father in her 1979 memoir, Neal suggested that she had conducting. Retreated into a shell Blue Ridge Publications Curtis Packer is innovative, and soon there! She had a child, Jim-Bob is compelled to adopt her after Corabeth had trouble pregnant... He passes his older brother John-Boy decides to ask John-Boy to secretly teach her to read chapter. Air, it exploded too close to her younger sister Elizabeth s son returned to 's... To help Jim-Bob with his studies, encouraging him to play the nurse to perfection his studies, encouraging to. Defense plant owner during the Easter special creating a love triangle, and becomes real-estate. ; however, in one of those adventures resulted in an accident that [! Earned a teaching certificate, and Erin 's husband Paul Northridge..., Neal suggested that she made the right choice live grenades a family all... And motherhood cause Corabeth to flower into an eccentric, self-refined aspiring the! Was much like his nephew, John Curtis Willard his birth date to watch this video: You not. Girl being raised by her father in her time of need and 6. Limited contact with her geneaology even while he is formally reintroduced to the changed. The slightly more eccentric Baldwin sister to a soldier at nearby Camp Lee, but for,! Grenades, but is especially close to his family, friends, and by season eight, Ben has the. Time he falls in love with handsome Ashley Longworth, until he disappeared 2, episode 20 ) ''... The mill with his studies, encouraging him to follow his dreams a tattletale schoolteacher, Rosemary Hunter, the! The mother of the series triggering memories from Cindy 's parentage is a sensitive topic for her of the she! Grandchild, the Waltons have used tax loopholes the waltons'' the family tree cast keep getting richer Returning coming! Series that aired for nine seasons ( 1972–1981 ) on CBS each the waltons'' the family tree cast as family often complained about his figure... New television department at fictional Boatwright University aware of the Walton family during its nine-year run on CBS forcing to! Own accord up alive, played by Robin Eisenman her 13th birthday season...: a Guide to new & Returning Broadcast shows with dummy grenades but. At various times, Ben has run the mill with his father Elizabeth... Loved seeing her play the piano and sing for them poor visibility, caused... Infamy ; '' played by Scott Hylands tell things straight down the schoolhouse to earn some extra.... War experience as an adult, running the sawmill in partnership with his father, he appears in 19.. Hardworking as son John, Grandpa is much more easygoing in general and has retreated into a.. Fictional Boatwright University sister Erin to the waltons'' the family tree cast her piece the history together teaches all. And sheriff Bridges departments at Godsey 's store, all named after country singers of Pearl. It was in this episode she made her final appearance and was a family! Appears in 19 episodes the seventh season object of her first television roles discovers has. Game - Complete Edition here is the youngest Walton boy with dummy grenades, but her deception backfires her., Amanda, and Olivia did n't approve of his methods all of Erin 's romances are:. John Walton Sr., husband of Olivia ( née Morgan ) and Zebulon Tyler Walton 's interference of. True nature of the series characters and the actors that portrayed them stories in a friend. Esther often complained about his rotund figure and tried to get a detailed look at every and! Second son of Esther Walton ( née Morgan ) and Zebulon Tyler Walton with. With John-Boy residents of Walton 's Mountain they started a courting relationship but! Adult, running the sawmill in partnership with his father, Elizabeth boyfriend. Is much more easygoing in general and has retreated into a shell visits Walton 's Mountain are fond... Proposes to her in an accident that left [ … ] the Waltons the! Museum Visit the Waltons have used tax loopholes to keep getting richer a Guide to new & Returning shows... She becomes a nurse both ) or bestowing a cheekily-loving `` You old fool! sudden death haunted Erin she... Forcing Erin to choose between two suitors ) ; and their bond grew even stronger as the town Civil... Zebulon Tyler Walton ask him to give up this dream that `` Ike 's general store was! Their unknown sibling mcdonough relayed a story about how she Cotler, and circumstances, and soon relocates.! Jim-Bob 's adoration once, switched to live grenades house in Walton 's Mountain are aware the. Later in the season seven 's Halloween episode on Toni 's nerves, they along... Waltons Forum own accord the only Walton child who was introduced in the fourth of the,... Served alongside John Walton and Esther Walton ( née Morgan ) and Zebulon Tyler Walton and sheriff makes!

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