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history of france

The Merovingians: 5th - 8th century AD: The Franks provide the dynasty which can be seen as the first royal house of France. Around 6,000 B.C., scattered farmers inhabited the land. Historical Profile of France. Important to the history of both France and Germany, Charles is often labeled as Charles I in lists of French monarchs. The French territory of the Visigoths is reduced to a coastal strip from the Pyrenees to the Rhône. A Brief History Of France 1. For nearly 1,000 years, the house of Capet furnished France with kings—first through the Capetian line then two of its branches, the Valois and Bourbon lines of hereditary kings. Evidence of these early Homo sapiens was discovered in the late 19th century. It has existed as a country for a little over a thousand years and has managed to fill those years with some of the most important events in European history. … History Medieval France. France was split into an occupied north and an unoccupied south, Vichy France, which became a totalitarian German puppet state with Pétain as its chief. Staples, et al. This European country of France was first known as Gaul, (or Gallia), a territory conquered in 51 B.C. To the south-west by the Cantabrian Sea, Andorra, and Spain. Index of Dates ... Facts in the Chronology and History of the World. This is a timeline of French history, comprising important legal changes and political events in France and its predecessor states. Following the Franco-Sardinian victory over the, "French government adopts a law that requires every French, Beginning of the French intervention in Mali against Islamic militants known as, 17 people, including three police officers, are killed in two terrorist attacks by Muslim terrorists; the, Some 3.7 million people demonstrate nationwide against terrorism and for freedom of speech following the terrorist attack at. The Romans erected public buildings and th… The history of France is deep and varied, dating back thousands of years to prehistoric man, and moving forward to today, where France is one of the leading nations of Europe. At one point France was closely associated with the Avignon Papacy, and experienced wars of religion after the Reformation between a twisting combination of Catholic and Protestant. See Franks. At the same time, Celtic Gauls were becoming prominent in other areas of France. This kingdom consolidated power and expanded territorially, becoming known as “France.”. ThoughtCo, Aug. 27, 2020, In the 17th century the power of the French king grew and grew and by the end of the 17th century France had an absolute monarchy. 11. Buellesbach, Alfred. Treaty of Verdun on August 10, 843. France is a European nation that has experienced a long and sometimes violent history. Wilde, Robert. The line was interrupted 1792-1814 by the French Revolution, but then resumed.. (accessed January 22, 2021). Each volume covers the most important developments in cultural, social, and economic, as well as political history and pays special attention to French activities outside France. The French Revolution was soon eclipsed by the imperial ambitions of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769–1821), and the ensuing Napoleonic Wars saw France first militarily dominate Europe, then be defeated. However things did not go smoothly in France. The area included the lands later known as Belgium and Switzerland. Feudal Era: 987-1328. F rance is an independent nation in Western Europe and the center of a large overseas administration. Martel’s grandson, Charlemagne (742–814), e… He is the author of the History in an Afternoon textbook series. The country of France emerged from the fragmentation of the larger Carolingian empire, when Hugh Capet became King of West Francia in 987. Charles Maurice De Talleyrand: Skilled Diplomat or Turncoat? The Cro-Magnons are known for … It is the third-largest European nation (after Russia and Ukraine). Allied armies liberated France in Aug. 1944, and a provisional government in Paris headed by Gen. Charles de Gaulle was established. Bohn. Wilde, Robert. But after William the Conqueror led the Norman conquest and subsequent occupation of England in 1066, he introduced Anglo-Norman French to the nation. Oxford: Osprey Publishing, 2009. hdl:2027/uva.x030807786 – via Hathi Trust. France now found itself fighting wars and exporting its world-changing events across Europe. French royal power reached its peak with the reign of Louis XIV (1642–1715), known as the Sun King, and French culture dominated Europe. Cave-dwellers of France and Spain: from 30,000 years ago: The area to the north and south of the Pyrenees, in modern France and Spain, is occupied from about 30,000 years ago by palaeolithic hunter-gatherers who make good use of the many caves in the area. by Julius Caesar in the Gallic Wars. The mainland ofFranceis bounded to: 1. ZU_09 / Getty Images . A cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds of people celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice resulting in the deaths of 86 people and the injury of 458 others. France is currently in its Fifth Republic, established in 1959 during upheavals in society. An interesting fact about France tells us that all roads in the country have a point where they all start. To read about the background to these events, see History of France. Paris: The capital city houses the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Montmartre, Arc de Triomphe, the river Seine, the Louvre Museum and many other great attractions. ThoughtCo. Retrieved from HISTORY OF FRANCE Timeline. They dwelt in caves and they hunted animals such as mammoths and reindeer. the Celts arrived from the East, bringing druids, warriors and craftsmen to share the land with the farmers. Share | Discover in a free daily email today's famous history and birthdays Enjoy the Famous Daily. Hutton, Patrick H. and Amy J. The Frankish Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties ruled from the 5th to the 10th centuries, with the Carolingians wielding power from Laon in northern France. It is currently a democracy, with a president and prime minister at the top of government. • J. Willoughby Rosse (1858). The monarchy was restored, but instability followed and a second republic, second empire and third republic followed in the nineteenth century. The Eiffel Tower in the centre of Paris is often referred to as the "Iron Lady" and is 324 m high/ 1,063 ft. Creation of West Francia 843. A HISTORY of FRANCE. This page was last edited on 18 December 2020, at 16:47. The early twentieth century was marked by two German invasions, in 1914 and 1940, and a return to a democratic republic after liberation. France Facts Tourist Attractions in France. Robert Wilde is a historian who writes about European history. At the … "France". (2020, August 27). France's original name was Gaul and, over the years, French citizens grew tired of … Ruth Kleinman, "Changing Interpretations of the Edict of Nantes: The Administrative Aspect, 1643-1661. Royal power collapsed fairly quickly after the financial excesses of Louis XIV and within a century France experienced the French Revolution, which began in 1789, overthrew the still-lavish spending Louis XVI (1754–1793) and established a republic.

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