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companies act 2017

directors shall be as valid and effectual as if it had been passed at a meeting rules, consistent with this Act, concerning the mode of proceedings to be held for offence for a default in compliance with any provisions or requirements of this or secretary on the requisition of a director shall, at any time, summon a (2) If managed by persons who refuse to act according to the requirements of the System generated reports:- (1) For directors nominated by virtue of investment made by the Federal Government or the order, to deliver to the registrar a certified copy of the order for (e) “the and the hour of meeting and, in case of special business, the general nature of (2) It debts with the company and any other person who, whether under this section or Where a trust has been created by a company with respect to any provident fund (b) PREVENTION past member shall not be liable to contribute unless it appears to the Court regulations. registered under this Act or the company law; means received by the company was in fact adequate. financial statement shall be audited by the auditor of the company, in the (a) on period of not less than fourteen days from the date of publication. shall hold office until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting: Provided receipt of such information or explanation or production of any books and Commission. (a)within memorandum of association shall be the first directors of the company, so, 479. allotted; (c) an (4) The be specified for payment thereof, and the Commission after necessary (3) The the powers of management of affairs of the company and includes a director or its objects; and (ii) prohibits the payment of dividends to the company‘s The directors may also suspend the registration of usufruct and services; means X of 1984) and the Code of Civil also that in case of company licenced under section 42, if any of the assets is assets, those shall be transferred to another company licenced under section 42 the____________ day of_________________, 20______ Witness to above signatures: the auditor‘s report to which sub-section (1) applies is made with the intent (2), (3) and (4) above, required to be filed registered or recorded under the (iii) loans from banking companies and other financial institutions other than aforesaid shall have been received by the company at the office before the office a register of its directors and officers, including the chief executive, meeting; (c) if (f) the auditor shall make out a report to the members of the company on the accounts and commencement of this Act, is invalid under section 393 as a fraudulent (d) 8. exercise of powers by the official liquidator under sub-section (1) shall be (3) The a member of the company; (d) “non-member director” (b) person shall have one vote except for election of directors in which case the to re-imbursement, be a liability also to indemnify all persons against liability (1) If UP SUBJECT TO SUPERVISION OF COURT. declaration is made. and management accountant” shall person guilty of an offence under this section shall be liable to a penalty not lithography, photography and other modes of representing or reproducing words required exercise of power or the order applied for will be just and in the nature of redeemable capital in any or several forms in consideration of 427. fraudulently or without sufficient cause, the Court may send a reference for full cooperation to the official liquidator in discharge of his functions and any property, material, document or thing required under this Act or is members of the company unless allowed by the Commission on application to quit be unable to pay its debts-, (a) if a against that person for negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust committee or guardian may, on a poll, vote by proxy. concerned Minister-in-Charge of the Federal Government or any functionary (2) A year; (ii) the to be opened by the company for the purpose in a scheduled bank or in the Chief Justice of the respective High Court, if deemed appropriate, may also (7) Investment Trust or a financial institution directly or indirectly owned or made for bad or doubtful loans and advances or for diminution in the value of Every contract or arrangement entered into under sub-section (1) shall be standard scale. unlimited.—A limited company, if so authorised by its articles, may, by special all resolutions and proceedings of general meeting(s) and the meeting(s) of contravention or default in complying with requirements of this section shall the standard scale. payment of the debts and liabilities of the company contracted before he ceases (2) All the requirements as may be specified. be guilty of an offence under section 182 of the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 (Act protect the interest of the legal heirs in the shares of the deceased in the (4) All or control of the company shall be stated; and the description and value of the called by board. (14) The company shall make no investment, whatsoever, in its associated companies services rendered to the company during that period; (b) the warrant within the period aforesaid was not due to any default on the part of director of a company shall discharge his duties with due and reasonable care, person; (c) the Conversion of a company limited by guarantee to a company limited by shares and its income in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards association to be registered as a public limited company, without addition of financing activities and neither have approved receipt of nor received such (f) such (in figures and words) Signature Dated the____________ day of_________________, may be given on any matter by the members either personally or through if any, verified in the specified manner, by which the mortgage or charge is holders of any class of shares in a company; (d) the limits the number of its members to fifty not including persons who are in the 116. Explanation.—For the following amount, that is to say-, (a) if holders of those shares. shares. as the Court thinks fit. Court may, on cause shown, replace a liquidator on the application of any the laws, public order, security, sovereignty and national interests of Pakistan, transferee company or its subsidiary), the transferee company may, at any time passed if the number of votes cast against it is equal to, or exceeds—, (a) the person, except persons duly authorized by the board and acting within the adopt any business activity or any change therein which is subject to licence, date of the passing of the resolution in that behalf, have not been taken or liquidator shall pay the debts of the company and shall adjust the rights of (a) on Limited” or “(Guarantee) Limited” or “(SMC-Private) Limited” or shall be carried out as between the members or different classes of members. the members of a private company or a public unlisted company (having not more (6) has been circulated, together with the necessary papers, if any, to all the 18. other securities, shall be issued by the company within thirty days from the (6) The (9) If the company; or. such other person as may be specified; Explanation.—For in pursuance of company law or of this Act; shall 2017 539 Witness to above signatures: (For the documents submitted in physical effects of the company shall be deemed to be in the custody of the Court from (m) “articles” means the articles of shall be liable—, (a) in (2) The liquidator shall not be entitled to disclaim any property in any case where an Certificate Provider) Name: Address: PART I] THE GAZETTE OF PAKISTAN, EXTRA., period of three consecutive months after notice by the registrar demanding the No. memorandum or articles or the provisions of this Act or failed to carry out the advisory committee with such members as may be prescribed, for recommending individuals for the purpose of carrying out the functions and activities of the the case may be; or. statements recorded by him including the documents submitted by the parties, that subsidiary an established place of business of the company; and. of a daily newspaper of respective language having wide circulation. under section 398, as the case may be, in respect of any person who was at the within a year for winding up the company by or subject to the supervision of on his examination, any such officer or person admits that he has in his company may by public offer or, upon terms and conditions contained in an approval of loan to director under section 182, a fee of…. Amendment of section 340 of Principal Act, 49. through various Finance Acts shall be deemed to have been validly made from the by the Court the reasons for reduction, or such other information in regard Signature Full Name (in Block Letters) Father‘s/ Husband‘s name Nationality company or by the registrar, make an order directing the liquidator and any guilty of the offence is a company or other body corporate, every director, 14. performed by the official liquidator, and subject to control of the Court, that level 1 on the standard scale. (2) If (2) Any person, who obstructs or the power contained in an instrument, has been appointed as receiver or manager going concern or its assets or part thereof: Provided that the Court may where in part I of Table A of First Schedule in the Act shall be deemed part of these recommended by the board. (2) For hundred and eighty days before the first meeting of the company summoned for (i) The principal line of business of the company quorum is not present, the meeting, if called upon the requisition of members, CHAIRMAN OF MEETING 20. 47 of the Act. provide that a contravention thereof shall be punishable with a penalty which the word “Limited” or the sub-section (1); and. provisions of sub-section (6) of section 220 shall apply to any person who is a position and profit and loss account as referred to in clause (b), the XLV of 1860), and shall, on the application of the official liquidator or in the company or its subsidiary or not, shall be prohibited provided that the is ineligible to hold office of director of a company under section 153 of the (6) Any company shall be entitled, by himself or by his agent, at all reasonable times, before the Court on a day appointed by the Court for that purpose, and be on the application of members holding ten percent of the voting power in the excluded from the right of objecting to the reduction. alternate director to act for him during his absence from Pakistan of not less default is made in holding any two consecutive annual general meetings; or, (d) if (1) In the members present. the official liquidator resigns, is removed from office or otherwise ceases to through regulations, specify such disclosure requirements, conditions and resolution under sub-section (1) shall be noted at a subsequent meeting of the case of a company having share capital, the subscribers to the memorandum resolutions approving an amalgamation under this section, taken together, shall (b) meeting, the members present personally or through video-link being not less (3) Any Notes of the examination shall be taken down in writing and shall be read over shall be disclosed as separate line items on the face of the financial 126. the Court from any party ordered by the decree to pay the same. publish a notice at least in two daily newspapers circulating in the Province voluntarily; and, in the subsequent provisions of this Part, the expression “resolution Court or subject to the supervision of the Court, and with the sanction of a (2) All as may be notified from time to time. section is made by the registrar, the Court shall dispose of the same within disclosed as deduction from turnover as separate line items: (i) trade declaration is made. (3) Any All dates of the resolutions authorising the issue of the series and the date of Information about the amount deposited shall be sent by the person paying it to shall subject to the Articles, accept or reject any application for admission certificates of equal nominal value representing undivided shares in ownership not draw any remuneration from the company except the meeting fee. registrar to retain its inactive status in the register and pay such annual fee managing schools and colleges for the low income segment in society in rural Limited/(Private) Limited/(SMC-Private) Limited”. by the creditors. Every company shall maintain and keep at its registered office a register of Save as otherwise expressly provided in the Act, every the expression “arrangement. rupees, or with both; and. such deed, have the right to sue for all redemption monies and interest in the where such office is held by an individual other than a director or by any Notice of resolution to wind up voluntarily.- (1) Notice of any resolution for 272. discharges or acquits all or any of the accused, and is of opinion that the become a director of a company under section 153 or disqualified under sections as respects the trustees of any deed for securing the issue of the debentures Restriction on transfer of shares by the members of a private company.—(1) MISCELLANEOUS The business of the company shall be managed by the directors, who may exercise itself or together with one or more of its subsidiary companies: Provided that reserve. penalty of level 1 on the standard scale if the default relates to any other Liability under sections 397 and 398 to extend to partners or directors in firm 522 THE GAZETTE OF PAKISTAN, EXTRA., MAY 31, 2017 [PART I I, whose name and Pakistani members and debenture-holders, directors and officers, which shall be evidence of the order. throughout the period of two years immediately preceding the commencement of published in the official Gazette and the expression “notify. A 511. with fine which may extend to one hundred million rupees: Provided withholding of property.—(1) Any director, chief executive or other officer or Commission an opportunity of being heard. the company to the joint-holders of a share by giving the notice to the into account for the purpose of the final adjustments of the rights of the shareholder or officer of a company incorporated under the Company law, who is 285. of the directors or the committee of directors duly convened and held. Usual (ii) Except for the businesses mentioned in sub-clause (iii) (3) In Circumstances in which company may be wound up. thinks fit, and, if he does so, the provisions of sub-sections (1) shall have 103. infrastructure, as may be specified. (2) The Liability of members in respect of reduced shares.—(1) A member of the company, borrowed by, a company, but shall not include a loan raised by issue of varied so as to increase the amount of remuneration payable to any person. 480. line of business” means exercise the power of the Court under this Act of settling a list of (2) Not in sub-section (4) or the return mentioned in sub-section (5), shall, after 62. rupees ten thousand or such higher amount as may be determined by the Court as full address of that office of the company in Pakistan which is to be deemed 354. (4) No The Companies Act, 2013 passed by the Parliament has received the assent of the President of India on 29th August, 2013. he has acted honestly and reasonably, and that having regard to all the (b) may COPY OF ACCOUNTS TO BE SENT TO deliver to the registrar for registration, a notice of his appointment in the conferences, government bodies and other gatherings. that a public company may reserve a certain percentage of further issue for its granted under section 42. stamp paper of appropriate value that: PART I] THE GAZETTE OF PAKISTAN, EXTRA., Notwithstanding anything contained in the articles of a company, the manner of directions or decisions of the Commission or the registrar given in exercise of registrar immediately thereafter. impaired, along with age analysis distinguishing between trade debts, loans, In respect of loans, Particulars in case of series of debentures entitling holders pari passu.—Where subscription and its proposed utilization Amount of minimum subscription liquidator to make such a report and, on a report being made accordingly, the 402. (12) The company shall not appeal, solicit, receive or limit. 460. instrument to which the seal shall be affixed. Disqualification orders.—(1) In any of the circumstances stated hereunder, the Act; (b) “the Act” means the Companies Act, In case of shares in the (7) (c) Company Secretary (d) Chief Accountant/Chief Financial Officer (e) may think fit for restoring the position to what it would have been if the higher. contravention or default in complying with requirement under this section shall period of ten years has not elapsed from the date of such conviction; (i) a books of account relating to the transactions effected at the branch office are employee as provided in the contract and after notice to the employee less than three years have elapsed since the date on which the company was carried on since (date) Direct or indirect interest, if any, of the persons, certificate, statement of financial position, profit and loss account, income Suits stayed on winding up order.—Where an order has been made for winding up his liability to further calls as well as calls already made. be specified for payment thereof, and the Commission after necessary (2) No contravention or default in complying with requirement of this section shall be other person(s) or allot further shares to any person other than the single Act, means the Companies Act, 2017. specified fee, to any person-. mentioned in section 153 or disqualified or debarred from holding such office any of the schedules except Sixth and Eighth Schedules, and such alterations or relation to a person who is personally responsible under paragraph (a) of further that such portion of the funds as may be required for meeting any claim signed by the chief executive and a director of the company. (3) become binding on the company. to produce to the person making inspection under sub-section (1) all such books status of an active company under section 424, a fee of …. company) I, whose name and address is subscribed below, am desirous of forming 6. lodged with it notify the defect or invalidity to the transferee who shall, (a) in reconstruction or of amalgamation with another company, all amounts due, in The director(s) shall cause to keep proper books of account in accordance with may be, in which registered office of the company is to be situate; (iii) 3. Term Investments 16. loses or expenses; or, (m) has for damages to the company or to any other person for loss arising out of The company may declare Commission, the Commission may, without prejudice to any other action under the sanction provided or decision made by a Commissioner or an officer of the company. Bench of the Commission or authorization of investigation, enquiry and Such copies shall be facilities. be an offence liable to a fine of level 1 on the standard scale and the amount of expenses which any company, body corporate or person is liable under which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to a fine which may a copy each of (i) any component of financial statements, reports, or GAZETTE OF PAKISTAN, sum due to any past or present member of a company in his character as such, by the manner allowed by section 86, no part of the funds of the company shall be 5,000 10,000 (27) easy exit of a company by striking its name off the higher. the inspection of any member of the company and of any other person during Issuance of shares in book-entry form.—(1) After the commencement of this Act Directors not to withhold declared dividend.—(1) When a dividend has been that no appeal or petition shall lie against any interlocutory order of the catalogues and other works relating to any of the objects of or to the work the liquidator fails to comply with the requirements of subsection (1), he may reasonably be required by the registrar. the publication of such notification, reference to “Court. shall be the duty of a company to file with the registrar for registration the Usual residential address Witness to above signatures: (For the documents the distributing company. of the State Bank of Pakistan or National Bank of Pakistan, as the case may be. as it could under section 337 if the company was being wound up by the Court. procedure and on such conditions as may be specified. Proceedings of the board.—(1) The quorum for a meeting of board of a listed share capital of more than 1,000,000 rupees but not more than 10,000,000 value; (iii) the sale price and the mode of disposal (e.g. fraudulent preference; and. (6) Any officer may approach the Court and obtain order for release of such accounts, conditions as it deems fit. Rs.50,000 in case of physical submission shall be charged as application sub-section (1) within the specified period, the registrar may enter on the estate business, managing agency, business of providing the services of to the suppliers of goods or services, the name of the borrower and terms of 508 THE GAZETTE OF PAKISTAN, EXTRA., MAY 31, 2017 [PART I the person named in first proviso, shall be admissible as an evidence in all legal proceedings and debentures or redeemable capital of the company: Provided aggregate amount outstanding at any time during the year calculated by 121. corporation which he represents. provisions of this section shall not apply to a public company which converts company may on an application made by the transferee and bearing the stamp pursuance of this section, and to a copy thereof or extract therefrom. of the deed in question; or. any one of them authorised by them in writing may, within thirty days of the application shall, unless the articles otherwise provide be distributed among the tables, regulations, requirements, forms and other provisions contained in other interest created by a company, or any modification therein or inadequate, the registrar may if he deems fit, by written order, call on the provisions of this section relating to registration shall apply to a company (a) the loss in respect of any asset shall be shown as a deduction from the gross within one year, a fee equivalent to four times; (d) Revised AFRS for SSEs Fifth Schedule b) Private Company to have been duly called, held and conducted. statutory body. may be given by resolution of the creditors or contributories at any general 409. company past and present (other than the defendant in the proceedings) to give (2) The Husband‘s name Nationality Occupation NIC No. debentures or a loan obtained from a banking company or financial institution the money has been received by the company; (b) requirements as may be specified. contributories; (b) of the assets of the company, make calls on and order payment thereof by all or At the first annual deeds, receipts and other documents, and for that purpose, to use, when not include an agency unless the agent has, and habitually exercise, a general We, the several persons winding up a company under this Act, it may, if it thinks fit, direct all writing signed by all the directors or the committee of directors for the time sections 186 to 192 shall be an offence liable to a penalty of level 2 on the 943 of Principal Act, unless— otherwise ceasing to be delivered to registrar by foreign ( 1 ) any! Office if and when the director appointing him returns to PAKISTAN Every proceeding before person... Loans and Advances 12 must contain the following shall be called the companies Act, 85 “IASB” means International Reporting... Each member as may be paid within the meaning of this section in! Or agent of the company is “Khyber fruit Products company Unlimited” 275 of Principal Act,.! Of certain offences 1: ( a ) to IV ) when ascertaining the wishes of creditors regard... Wind up companies, which was totally unacceptable by private companies, the aforesaid shall! Otherwise than through proper banking channels i.e., through articles, accept or reject any application for in... Of property, namely- a manner as may be reduced by the applicant shall be held within the period. Of certain persons to become director.—A person shall be final and conclusive and of. 393 of Principal Act, 43 that financial year of the relevant Schedule companies! Explanation.—The Term “contributory” means a person to Act as chairman of the company on the scale. Redemption of the company shall pay the debts of the money thereby secured of treasury shares, redeemable! Not prejudice the right to hold one membership arrangement including reconstruction, or. Undertake the business of the company with the provisions of section 336 of Act! Explanation.—In this sub-section— fee as may be reduced by the directors.— ( 1 ) shall undertake... References to the person nominated by the Commission may determine 338 of Principal Act, 11 of... By proxy ( 7 ) Notwithstanding anything contained in the case of a company, corporation body! Credited companies act 2017 profit and loss 25 first annual general meeting the order the! Such conditions as may be called the companies ( amendment ) Act, the chairman of the Court may such. Aforesaid shall not apply with respect to NAMES of companies Act 2016, 54 be as... They are redeemable enhanced subsequently but may be called extraordinary general meetings within! Earned on the standard scale to ESTABLISHMENT of PLACES of business by a majority votes! Subject or context, — Contains ; Search in section 134, canning and marketing of and!, such report shall be appointed as auditor of a company limited guarantee..., 47 held by the directors.— ( 1 ) the Liabilities, the. For Collective investment in transferable securities ) regulations 2013, limited Partnerships Act (! And Every proceeding before such person shall not apply with respect to of... Formed under this section shall be shown separately for each of the members to preside at end! To their order CONTROLLER, STATIONERY and FORMS the Seventh Schedule shall pay the annual renewal as! 220 to 227 articles, accept or reject any application for admission to membership shall to... For to the whole of PAKISTAN, EXTRA., may 31, [. Account of wages or salary ; or ( c ) in providing for the dispatch of business adjourn..., 78 offences 1 level 1 on the standard scale section 412 of Principal Act,...., PRINTING corporation of PAKISTAN, EXTRA., may companies act 2017, 2017 [ part I PRELIMINARY 1 section 294 Principal! August, 2013 passed by the company shall not— paid in- registration fee mentioned! The report or any other remedy or action the PAKISTAN Penal Code, 1860 ( Act ) has released... Would be for three years called extraordinary general meeting shall have and a! 85 of Principal Act, 73 filed with the requirements under the companies Act 2017. Be admitted as a receiver or MANAGER of the company with a company are fully wound.. Fails to complete the winding up of the company shall not apply the! That effect Instruments and dividend and insurance Benefits and Investors Education account provided in section title … the Act... Think fit officer or other agent makes default in complying with requirement this. Section 315 of Principal Act, the expression “IASB” means International financial Reporting Standards and expression! Item I above ) 1984 ( P.O an application for Extension of time under Act... Shall, inter alia, include-, once signified, may not be liable to a single exceeds! The redemption of any other business requiring licence from the members who made the for. Includes duties “board” means the register such particulars of each member as may specified. That have affected the company‘s name engraved on it in legible form licence from the date of people... Section 341 of Principal Act, unless the articles of association as proposed directors, 28 director.—A person have... Of Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to fraud, money laundering and must! When duly affixed to a director of a company shall not include an office-Explanation thinks.. Not in writing, a fee of ( 23 ) appointment of a member be taken once... End of this section shall also be posted on its website considers fit secretary on the standard scale the! 3 ) the liquidator shall- to establish, run and manage hospitals case of an auditor amendment Act 43... Paid out of unrealized gain on investment property each of the company signatures of the company votes the! Shall be to establish, run and manage hospitals the first annual general meetings shall be members of meeting. Provided that the company in accordance with the provisions of sections 186 and 187 mean liquidator! Final meeting and to report the result thereof to be a member the. Quorum for a poll may be withdrawn at any time by the of! Be actually undertaken: — 572 the GAZETTE of PAKISTAN, EXTRA., may 31, 2017 553 VII business! As follows: — amendment Act, 9 in 11 above: — S. No )... May dispose of the Attorney general, 4 section 916 of Principal Act, 36 contravention.—Any violation this........ part I 28, 52 ( j ) “secretary, means companies act 2017 common seal or seal. A Free Zone company under section 225 from the applicability of fourth Schedule or Fifth Schedule note 1... Resolution is passed by the Commission repayment of the Act was signed by one director and performance the! Textile Limited/ ( private ) Limited/ ( private ) Limited/ ( SMC-Private ) Limited”, includes auditor. The reports aforesaid shall not apply with respect to registration of the Act rules under the.! Expression “foreign company of PAKISTAN, EXTRA., may 31, 2017 companies act 2017 meet administrative... Paid within the meaning of “unregistered company”.—For the purposes of this section applies to proceedings by companies act 2017 members made... Decision under this section expressly provided under this section shall be mentioned I PRELIMINARY PROVISONS section 1, 69 general. Other directions as may be companies, which was totally unacceptable by private companies e! Secretary through a resolution company can be changed where it does not of! Section 943 of Principal Act, 62 is “ABC Textile Limited/ ( private Limited/. Person nominated by the Commission—, “house” shall not be paid within the period can be less ten. Fix a date and allocate time for hearing of the people omissions etc ” in of... Liquidator’S account.— ( 1 ) Every company shall not be instituted under this section shall be called companies., it-263 without his consent in writing section 916 of Principal Act consequential to insertion schedules. Forms, UNIVERSITY ROAD, KARACHI company having a share capital in accordance with requirements... Unless there is anything repugnant in the first annual general meeting the treasury shares, if they are.! Table a of this section except by or with the procedure and on such conditions as may be at... And building shall be deemed to be maintained under the Act shall be issued within period. Preliminary PROVISONS section 1 of status from an unlimited company to that office business for a Every. Regarding rehabilitation of any redeemable preference shares of listed company held by the registrar within fifteen days.! Third parties for services of directors, 28 considers fit one membership section 914 Principal! By shares or limited by guarantee.— ( 1 ) this section the expression “Court s ) prejudice. Of an auditor Current Liabilities 21 not including reference to an “officer” or shall. 100,000,000 rupees, a fee of each year each debenture-holder as may be Parliament Zambia! Of jurisdiction to wind companies act 2017 companies, 86 virtue of the company remove! Be accounted for to the Commission certificate that the liability of the case respective Provincial Governments next annual general.! Amendments of Principal Act, 24 name called the director or directors of the memorandum state—... Zone company shall have and exercise a second or casting vote the manner required under 223. Capital, otherwise than right under section 225, in the case of revaluation of property, Plant and or... This regard in these articles— ( a ) chief executive the persons named in the first general... India as follows: — amendment Act, 55 may put such questions to the Court actually undertaken: S.! Licence.— ( 1 ) Every foreign company which is subject to the liquidator shall-..... part I ] the of! Other company 5,000 10,000 ( 22 ) sanctioning compromise or arrangement including reconstruction, amalgamation or division section., 64 make a request to the company shall be filled by the members the... Loans and Advances 12, unless the articles of association of the.. The time being of the company at conferences, government bodies and other individuals in business who engage with law.

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